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MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index: Keyword Data

rebus crossword

A crossword puzzle in which more than one letter is to be written into some spaces, the rebus squares. Usually all the rebus squares are the same sequence of letters, or they are related somehow. Usually there are only a few of these (less than 5%), though they are not necessarily limited to long theme entries; if many squares contain multiple letters and there's no theme to those squares, it is a 1, 2, 3 crossword. The letters in rebus squares are usually meant to be read the same way across and down. This gimmick is usually not clued; solvers have to figure it out while solving.


MIT Mystery Hunt 1995 17: Sitting Room
MIT Mystery Hunt 1999 Warrant 4.1
MIT Mystery Hunt 2003 Dealing With Change
MIT Mystery Hunt 2005 Girls, Girls, Girls
MIT Mystery Hunt 2006 Fusion
MIT Mystery Hunt 2007 Creature Discomforts
MIT Mystery Hunt 2010 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
MIT Mystery Hunt 2013 Labyrinth
MIT Mystery Hunt 2014 Cross-Pollination


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