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MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index: Category Data


All sorts of crossword puzzles. If you enter words in a grid across and down, it goes here. Even if the grid runs in weird directions, or some of the words bend around corners, it's here.

1, 2, 3 crossword
Alpha Sleuth
Anacrostic puzzle: see double crostic
audio crossword
Back and Forth (puzzle type)
barred crossword
Black Box crosswords
block-style crossword
Bonza puzzles
bullseye crossword
catenoid crossword
cathedral crossword
cross-number puzzle
cross-stitch crossword
crossword puzzles
crosswords on the landscape
crostic puzzle: see double crostic
crushword puzzle: see 1, 2, 3 crossword
cryptic crosswords
diagramless criss-cross
diagramless crossword
disconnected criss-cross
double crostic
double-or-nothing crossword
double trouble crossword: see 1, 2, 3 crossword
Figure Logic puzzle: see cross-number puzzle
fill-in puzzle
Fit-In puzzle: see fill-in puzzle
flower power puzzle: see petal puzzle
forms (word squares and others)
Fraternal Twins puzzle
Going Too Far crossword
gryptics crossword
hexagonal crossword
Honeycomb crossword
Inner Circles puzzle: see Honeycomb crossword
jumping crossword
keyed-order crossword
kriss kross: see criss-cross
labyrinth crossword
Marching Bands
Mixed Doubles crossword: see Split Ends crossword
multiple crossword solutions
New York Times crosswords
non-intersecting crossword
omnidirectional crossword
pathfinder crossword
pentagram crosswords
petal puzzle
Pipe Dream crossword: see pathfinder crossword
Places, Please puzzle: see reverse word search
Puns and Anagrams crossword
Puzzle in the Round
rebus crossword
reverse word search
Right Angles puzzle
Rows Garden
Seven Sages puzzle
Siamese Twins puzzle
skipping crossword
Some Assembly Required
something different crossword
spherical crossword
spiral puzzle
Split Decisions puzzle
Split Ends crossword
starfish crossword
tanglewords puzzle: see reverse word search
Tetracross puzzle
variogram forms: see 1, 2, 3 crossword
whirlwind puzzle
Word Games puzzle
wormhole crossword
wraparound crossword