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MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index: Keyword Data

jumping crossword

The jumping crossword is usually not a crossword in the conventional sense at all, since the word list is given. It's more like a criss-cross puzzle but with the extra rule that some squares will be left blank, with words simply reading across whichever letters are used (as opposed to a diagramless crossword where the unused squares mark word break). If there are black squares, they separate entries in the same row or column. In the original logic puzzle type jumping crossword, blank squares are not allowed to touch along an edge. But in Mystery Hunt we have generally had jumping crosswords that are clued like crosswords.


MIT Mystery Hunt 2003 A Pile of Letters
MIT Mystery Hunt 2013 Mind the Gaps
MIT Mystery Hunt 2013 Labyrinth
MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 It's Not Normal
MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 Heavenly Bodice


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