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MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index: Category Data

Nikoli-style logic

Abstract logic puzzles based on filling in numbers, letters, symbols, or paths in a grid, as with most Nikoli puzzles. This includes all puzzles in this style, even if Nikoli didn't invent them or even if they never published them.

Akari puzzle
Allied Occupation puzzle: see Fillomino puzzle
Alternate Corners puzzle
Anglers logic puzzle
arrow ring puzzle: see yajilin
Artist's Block: see Spiral Galaxies puzzle
arukone: see Number Link puzzle
Bag puzzle: see Corral puzzle
Balance Loop logic puzzle
Battleships (puzzle)
black and white (logic puzzle)
Black Box (game)
Bridges puzzle: see hashiwokakero
calcudoku: see KenKen
Cave puzzle: see Corral puzzle
Cell Structure puzzle: see Nurikabe
Corral puzzle
Country Road (puzzle type)
Creek puzzle
Cross Products (Cross Sums variant)
Cross Sums
curved line nonogram
deficit sudoku: see udoku
Dotty dilemma puzzle: see fences puzzle
Dungeons and Diagrams (logic puzzle)
Easy as ABC puzzle: see End View puzzle
Edel puzzle: see paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
End View puzzle
Every Second Turn: see Alternate Corners puzzle
fences puzzle
Fillomino puzzle
gattai: see samurai sudoku
Gokigen Naname: see Slant puzzle
Grand Tour puzzle: see path puzzles
Griddlers: see paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
Hanjie: see paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
hashi: see hashiwokakero
heteromino (logic puzzle)
Hidato puzzle
Index Sums puzzle: see kakurasu
Islands in the Stream puzzle: see Nurikabe
Kakuro: see Cross Sums
killer sudoku
Latin squares
Light Up puzzle: see Akari puzzle
LITS puzzle
Loop and Block puzzle
Loop the loop puzzle: see fences puzzle
magnet logic puzzles
math maze
Minesweeper game
miracle sudoku
mirror logic puzzles
Mirror Universe puzzle
multidigit sums puzzle
multiple answers to logic puzzles
Nonograms: see paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
Norinori puzzle
not alone (logic puzzle)
Number Link puzzle
number place: see sudoku
Numbrix: see Hidato puzzle
Nuruomino: see LITS puzzle
paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
path puzzles
Pentomino Minesweeper (logic puzzle)
Pic-a-Pix: see paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
Picross: see paint by numbers (logic puzzle)
Proof of Quilt: see Shakashaka puzzle
Purenrupu: see path puzzles
Railroad Crossing puzzle
Railroad Tracks puzzle: see Railroad Crossing puzzle
River Crossing logic puzzles
rotator logic puzzle: see Spiral Galaxies puzzle
Round Trip puzzle: see path puzzles
samurai sudoku
Seeking Syren (logic puzzle)
Shakashaka puzzle
Sheep and Wolves
signal loop (logic puzzle)
skyscrapers puzzle
Slalom puzzle: see Slant puzzle
Slant puzzle
Slither Link: see fences puzzle
snake puzzle
Spiral Galaxies puzzle
Star Battle (logic puzzle)
Statue Park puzzle
sun and moon (logic puzzle)
Sym-a-Pix: see Spiral Galaxies puzzle
Takegaki: see fences puzzle
Tentai Show: see Spiral Galaxies puzzle
tents logic puzzle
Thermometers (logic puzzle)
wolves and sheep: see Sheep and Wolves
World Puzzle Championship
Yin-Yang logic puzzle: see black and white (logic puzzle)