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Puzzles I created
My history in puzzle competitions

Math Puzzles

Dickerson's Puzzle
Arranging 16 items in 15 lines of 4
Solution to my Pythagorean Puzzle: arrange 9 3-4-5 triangles and 2 unit squares into the shape of the familiar pythagorean theorem diagram (with squares erected on all sides of a 3-4-5)
Solution to crossing a 10x10 grid of points with 18 connected straight lines (ending where you started)
Solutions to the Karl Scherer's squares-tiled-with-squares puzzles
Old chestnut: the 40 mile army
Maximizing distance traveled by a thrown object
Gathering for Gardner gift exchange items

Mystery Hunt Puzzles

Solution to the Duck Konundrum 2 from the 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt
Index to MIT Mystery Hunt puzzles
Solutions for the 1996 Mystery Hunt
Solutions for the 1995 Mystery Hunt
Solutions for the 1994 Mystery Hunt


Anagrams letter distribution
Spellbound letter distribution
Option letter distribution
Blackbox rules (in English, for Brettspielwelt)
Solowuerfeln rules (in English, for Brettspielwelt)
Rules for Wechselfieber (in English, for Brettspielwelt)
Bugs and changes in the TimeHunt
Hidden scoring rules for some Yahoo Games
Ackanomic Xpak for Robo Runner


My NPL page
A brief explanation of regular expression syntax
Word lists and tools for searching them

Random stuff

My trip to the World Puzzle Championship 2004
Musicals links
My pinball page
A list of pro sports teams
/dev/joe's avatar used on various sites
My Ackanomic coat of arms