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MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index: Keyword Data



MIT1995 13: Connecticut Suite (Meta)
MIT1995 24: Study
MIT1997 Shark Detaches Anchor; Elvis' Yacht Drifts Into Freak Tropical Iceberg!
MIT2000 Atlas Shrugged
MIT2002 Buried Treasure
MIT2002 Land Grab
MIT2002 On Tour
MIT2003 Abducted!
MIT2003 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
MIT2003 Whoa-I Know Cartography
MIT2005 Runaround
MIT2005 World Tour
MIT2006 Epcot Center Ante
MIT2006 One Down, One Across
MIT2006 White Noise
MIT2007 Round I Meta
MIT2007 Les Canards Du Diable
MIT2008 At the Crossroads
MIT2008 X Marks the Spot
MIT2009 Welcome to Probistis Mu
MIT2009 The Condescending Man Holding a Brightly Colored Parasol
MIT2010 Making Connections
MIT2010 Sightseeing
MIT2010 A Journey to the Center of the Earth
MIT2010 Conquering the World
MIT2011 Everybody's Got to Be Somewhere
MIT2012 Snap Judgment
MIT2012 Panorama
MIT2013 So Good They Named it Hull
MIT2013 Ouroboros
MIT2013 I Left My Stomach in Salt Lake City
MIT2013 Watch Your Back
MIT2013 I Can See for Miles
MIT2013 Air Traffic Control
MIT2013 National Power Grid
MIT2013 Underbrush
MIT2014 A Meta Puzzle
MIT2014 Across the Hall
MIT2014 A Puzzle with the Answer I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND
MIT2014 Gone with the Wind
MIT2014 Let's Meet in the Middle
MIT2014 Crosswalks
MIT2014 SKI Trees
MIT2015 Mythological Connections
MIT2015 Ropes
MIT2015 Coins
MIT2015 Say Cheese and Dive!