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Elvis to Lip-Sync Hole; Ranting Courtney Love Vows She'll Sue!

The shapes of the top rows of letters in each block make it appear that they should be concatenated into a single long block. Then the gaps in the top row can be filled in with letters to spell a series of clues:

Adding with jam and bread; no one under seventeen admitted without parent or guardian; first letter of third s?i?n?l?h?b?t?r?a?c?n

So we have peanut butter, R (or R-rated), and some instruction in the part where we only have every other letter which I have not fully solved. And then there are the second lines, which do not look like English. It doesn't even look like a cryptogram of English; the distribution of letters is rather flat: UEAWWYDAILCBAEQSPWXTQOAADJBKMYZVTJHOPJYCQYFNXCSKLUZEXGF YBEXMXCWFKPJXNSGLRJLNUSCNNSALCZXLKXKBPBQXKZBNKIGEVGHRQS

Hunt: MIT Mystery Hunt 1997

Round/Puzzle# 25

Author: Mark L. Gottlieb

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