WPC 2004: My Pictures

Joseph DeVincentis
These are a selection of the better or more interesting photos I took over the week.
Team Arrives
Tuesday, after Roger arrived, the team poses with some of our entourage. From left: Wei-Hwa, Stan Newman, Jonathan, Nancy Schuster, Roger, and me.

Hillside outside hotel
This hillside view was taken from the shoreline outside our hotel.

Motovun tower
The tower at Motovun is silhouetted in the evening sun.

US Team on Photo Day
Thursday morning, we are all dressed in team jackets for the photo session.

Byron Calver
I chatted with Bryan Calver of the Canadian team after one of the rounds.

Ulrich Voigt
And also with Ulrich Voigt.

Card Puzzle Wrong Answer
Our cards at the end of round 12. Like most teams, we did not have time to fully solve the puzzle and had to guess which three cards were not used at the end.

a Tichu game
In the evening Jonathan deals Tichu while Ulrich and Gary Sherman of the Canadian team (who was just watching) laugh. In the game but not pictured are Deyan of Bulgaria, and me.

Finals Cross Sums
The competition room was terrible for pictures, but in this close shot you can see Roger pondering a Cross Sums puzzle in which zeroes are allowed.

Roger and Ulrich congratulate Niels Roest, who has just won the individual championship.

US Team with Trophy
The room where the awards were given out was even worse for photos than the competition hall, but somewhere up there you can find our team lurking in the darkness, along with the fairly large trophy we got.

WPC Loot
Here are my prizes. All of these items I got for free as a result of making it to the WPC. Japanese Number Place and Paint by Numbers magazines, two issues of Croatian magazine Feniks, Estonian magazine Super Kuma, the booklet from the Japanese puzzle championship semifinal, Hungarian puzzle magazine Füles, Hungarian puzzle magazine Logi, the first issue of the revived British Tough Puzzles, the latest World Puzzle Federation newsletter, a tote bag with the WPC 13 logo, a pen with Feniks logo, a Croatian-English dictionary, a black fleece jacket with Google US Puzzle Championship logo, a T-shirt with WPC 13 logo, and the set of edge-matching puzzles solved in round 6.