/dev/joe's Puzzles

This pages contains links to puzzles I have created.

Tiling Puzzles

Pythagorean puzzle: Arrange 9 3-4-5 triangles and 2 unit squares into the shape of the familiar Pythagorean Theorem proof diagram. Board Pieces (this contains 2 sets of pieces and printing on card stock is recommended) Solution

Suntrapment (My design, based on an idea by and manufactured by Alexandre Muņiz)

Wordplay puzzles

See my NPL page for links to my puzzles published in The Enigma and other similar puzzles.

Hunt puzzles

Each of these puzzles has a final answer which is a word or short phrase.

MIT Mystery Hunt

For the 2008 MIT Mystery Hunt:

For the 2010 MIT Mystery Hunt: Other people's 2010 puzzles where I made contributions, great or small and some that landed on the cutting room floor: As if that wasn't enough, I did more puzzle construction to fix things that were not yet ready when the 2010 Hunt began: For the 2016 MIT Mystery Hunt I was again on the constructing team. Puzzles I wrote included: And the ones I contributed to:

Alf's Hunt

This is a non-competitive puzzle hunt Boston-area NPL member Alf started ages ago. I've been attending since 2000 and I have written puzzles a few times.

For the Decathlon in Alf's Hunt 2012, Puzzle A. (A crossword variant which was supposed to be a minipuzzle, a quickie to solve along with other puzzles in the time of one full size puzzle.) At the end of solving this puzzle, you should know the 8-letter final answer and also which Decathlon event this represents. Solution

For the 2013 hunt, I also wrote a minipuzzle, a cryptic Shikaku puzzle. (solution)

The 2015 hunt was held on Pi day and was themed around pi and pies. I wrote the puzzle Π is for Product (solution) which combined a cross-products puzzle with a set of cryptic division problems.

The 2016 hunt was themed around the 400th anniversaries of Shakespeare's and Cervantes's deaths. I wrote the cross-number puzzle Pericles, Prince of Tyre. (solution) Some of the Shakespeare and Cervantes trivia in these clues was available in a handout during the event, but you may have to look it up on the internet. One clue which depended on an attendee's private information has been changed for this public version.


I was on the Plugh team who constructed BAPHLs 5 and 8. BAPHL always comes in two difficulty levels, the easy or normal version being meant for newcomers to puzzle hunts and the hard or advanced version for those who have solved puzzle hunts before.

For BAPHL 5, I wrote:

For BAPHL 8, I wrote: