Find the Atoms!

1. Starting Play
Click this icon to start the game.

Use the Config-Tool to add this button to your toolbar.
2. The Play
The goal is to find the positions of the five atoms in the grid, and mark them by clicking on the squares of the grid. To do so, you can send jets from the edges into the black box by clicking on the circles at the edges. The jets are absorbed or diverted in certain ways by the atoms, so that the jets either disappear completely (the clicked point becomes gray), are reflected to the point they started (the clicked point becomes white), or are diverted (the clicked point becomes colored, and the exit point becomes the same color).

Absorption: If a jet meets an atom directly, it is absorbed. The jet does not exit the box anywhere, and the starting point becomes gray. This is shown in the diagram by the red jet from point 12.

Diversion: If a jet enters the diversion range of an atom, it is reflected. The diversion range is the four spaces which lie diagonally around the atom (with the atom, they form a kind of X). If the jet enters one of these four spaces, it is diverted away from the atom. In the diagram, for example, the jet from point 21 is diverted to point 10.

Reflection (I): If a jet comes into the sphere of influence of two atoms so that it would have to be diverted both to the left and to the right, it is instead reflected in the direction from which it came. For example, the jet from point 8 in the diagram is reflected and returns to point 8.

Reflection (II): There is a second way a jet can be reflected. If a jet is sent into the black box if a diversion field from an atom on the edge of the box blocks the entrance. The jet from point 31 is thus reflected, due to the atom directkly in front of point 32.

3. The Score

Click Solve to end a game and calculate your score. The goal is to score as few points as possible. Each colored point outside counts 1 point, and each missed atom in the box scores 5 points. Thus, if you immediately guess 5 wrong atom locations and click Solve, you will score 25 points. Click Start to start a new game.